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And being an absolute Johannes fac totum…

I have been blogging elsewhere – serious Shakespearean stuff for the mighty Globe, and some slightly more irreverent (okay, downright childish) musings on some of the lesser-known and bizarre plays of Shakespeare’s time for the lovely salon: collective.

So I thought I’d share them all with the world in one go.

The Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Shakespeare: The lone genius?


Although many people imagine Shakespeare writing alone, the solitary genius. He collaborated throughout his career with some of London’s greatest, and strangest playwrights…

Anniversary of King Henry IV’s death


Henry IV’s usurpation of Richard II is the presiding event of Shakespeare’s history cycles. This piece, written to mark Henry’s death, reflects on his melancholy, troubled reign…

The Salon: Collective

Theatre of Blood – Halloween Special (part one)


A two-parter written for Halloween 2012. Part One: how to bash out your brains and the world’s most futile (and creepy) kiss of life….

Theatre of Blood – Halloween Special (part two)


Part Two: a dog that thinks it’s Satan and smashing up a talking bronze head with a hammer…

Die Hal! Die Haller! Die Hal with a Vengeance!


The Famous Victories of Henry V is nasty, brutish and short. It’s also unfairly maligned and a fascinating piece of theatre history. Not that I talk about that here…

The secrets of Twelfth Night


A comic piece for the theatrical programme for salon: collective’s 2012 production of Twelfth Night. 


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